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Advertise with New Neighbors

Advertise with New Neighbors

New Neighbors is only as successful as the businesses and organizations that work with us. We promote local shopping by local residents calling on people in the privacy and comfort of their own home, sitting down with them at their kitchen table introducing your business. Hire us and we’ll let people know WHO you are, WHAT you have, WHERE you are and WHY they should come see you.

“A Special Way to Advertise “

New Neighbors is a unique advertising company. Our method of advertising is through home visits to people who are celebrating a move to their new neighborhood. These potential clients have immediate needs, and are eager to learn what is available in the area. Along with the advertisements for local merchants and professionals, we present useful community information to help people adjust to their change. Here is how New Neighbors can increase your business:

  • Personal Message

Through home visits, New Neighbors relays a personal message about your business. New Neighbors representatives will work with you enthusiastically convey a message to the consumer. Unlike mailers, the representative has the complete attention of potential customers, while your business is discussed in the relaxed atmosphere of their home. As a client, you may inform your representative of special offers or sales you have to keep your message current.

  • Your Ad Item

New Neighbors representatives will present the consumer with your promotional item.These gifts are brought into the home in a beautiful basket, with your business name on the gift you have chosen.

  • Your Invitation

Along with your ad item, the representative will give the consumer an invitation to visit your business and to try something for free or at a discount. You may include as much information about your business as you please.

  • Your Sample

When the consumer comes into your business to redeem the invitation for a free item, it is your chance to impress them. Let them know how much you value their patronage and make them feel welcome. This is your opportunity to ensure that this new customer will become a regular paying customer.

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